November 11, 2010

I'm working on

On a big project ~ one for a really great customer who I now think of as a friend ~ she loves butterflies and likes movement and tassels in her jewellery ~ she chose her stone a while ago now and I have pondered the design for a long time ~ I think this is one of the reasons I actually took some pictures of the stages.

The first thing I do is sketch and once happy I add a masking tape sketch out onto the silver sheet
Both the back and front are designed ~ although I do sometimes add bits as I go ...
This is the stone, although not a great picture its a beauty
A little dirty but ready for polishing and chain adding  ~ let me just show you the back ...
The ring at the top will have a toggle front fastener and the tube at the bottom is for the tassels ~ can't wait to show you the finished pendant :}



  1. I love seeing works in progress. thanks for sharing!
    Simply Shiny Blog

  2. This is going to just be amazing!!...what a beautiful insight to your fabulous work. Thankyou soo much for sharing..;o)

  3. Thanks so much Kristy and Georgie :) I actually can't wait to get her finished now :}

  4. Oh, Jo, it's already fabulous. I can't wait to see the tassels!

  5. Can't wait to see this all finished! Will be georgious :)


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