November 04, 2010

Colour ~ does it play a part ..

The wonderful etsy team Etsy's Best Kept Secrets I belong to has been talking about how colour influences our work.  Well anyone who knows me and my work will tell you I get heavily influenced by the Cornish landscape which in all honesty is very full of colour.  

The summer is a biggie for me ~ my work becomes very tied around blue ~ to the point when I have to steer myself hard just to look and work with other colours ~ could be something to do with the beach being just a few minutes away?

Of course the winter can have the same effect to my work ~ but definetely not in the same wayas the warmer months. 

Cornwall is always a place full of season and colour ~I've always said living in this inspirational county surrounded by ocean and wild moorland influences my work and I have to admit that the colours I see are part of that. 



  1. what an inspiring post! I live for colour, and the colours of all sorts of obscure things influence my work, in ways I can't really explain.

    I know what you mean about the summer being about blue, I feel that too, and I'm landlocked in the middle of Yorkshire!

  2. i couldn't live without colour!
    and i LOVE both pieces - but maybe the ring mostest :)

  3. I know I've said it before, but we have a love for the beach in common. Never been to Cornwall, but I feel like I can get a sense of it from your pieces! So lovely.

  4. Jo, your jewelry always makes me think of rocky coastlines and Northern seas. So I was not surprised when I discovered that you are in Cornwall! I live in a similar setup (the coast of Maine) and I too feel the pull of ocean shades!:)

  5. I enjoyed peeking into your colorful world JO! And I agree with everyone else. The ocean really does shine through your designs!


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