January 26, 2011

More new mixed up pieces

I really wasn't sure how mixing up my metals would appeal ~ I never played with copper or brass or bronze before now ~ but do you you know what ~ it has opened up a whole new avenue for me!!

Blue Tangled

Sweet Green Bracken

Fire Shield

New Growth
I have a feeling this is just the start ;)



  1. They are all fabulous, Jo! I especially like the ones with the leaves.

  2. They all look beautiful, that Gemheaven touch, I love the leafy ones too, beautiful!

  3. I love the fire shields Jo, they are stunning !!

  4. I love the fire shields Jo, they are stunning !!

  5. Absolutely stunning! Mixing metals adds a depth to each piece, so that they are somehow 'more'...more beautiful, more rich, more textural.

    Can't wait to see more! :-)

  6. Thanks so much ~ back to the studio while these are pouring out of me :)

  7. "New Growth"
    Perfect, brilliant, stunning. Love the effect, the contrasts, the detail. Beautiful.

    (Shame I don't wear earrings!)

  8. lol well Sarah there is mixed metal pendants on there way *looks at burnt fingers ...


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