February 02, 2011

Working like a mad woman!!

Wild Studs

Lying in the green grass

Crystal Ball


So my week off is at an end ~ I think my muse decided I had to catch up with stock and I have been working like a mad woman.  My family really don't like me shutting myself in the studio in the evening or sometimes weekends so I had to make the most of the week! 

I am still working towards a good parcel of pieces to send to the Assay Office but as soon as they are done I will take my usual picture of all the pieces about to be hallmark promise!

My husband said this morning I seem extra tired at the moment ~ I do feel almost running on adrenilin at the moment ~ by the time Elli has gone to bed I'm just like a zombie ~ maybe getting back to my other job today will put me back into rountine ~ mind you I love how my muse has been pouring out the creativeness ~ please dont stop!!



  1. I love the Heatwave earrings Jo! And remember to take care of yourself too...

  2. Beautiful pieces, I love what you are doing with your rolling mill and so happy to see some lampwork too. Just beautiful as always!


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