January 02, 2011

What will it bring ...2011?

Stepping out
Fade to Grey

I have been working on new designs ~ buying a ton of labradorite (to the point I need to step away from the pc!) lots of rutile quartz, kyanite and also ruby (which I am waiting for these to arrive *does excited dance) This year due to the huge cost of silver (going up a silly 60% ish) I am going to experiment a little with bronze and brass embellishments ~ make the most of the backs of my pieces ~ I also have these gorgeous little gemheaven stamped cotton bags which reminded me of those cotton protective bags you get expensive handbags in  and I also have a new camera which I can't quite decide whether I like ~ I need to play with some photographs I think before deciding ~ I am a creature of habit ~ not great with change unless its fashion lol!!!

So thats all the news so far of this year ~ so keep a look out for some random pictures ~ I could be experimenting ....



  1. Mixed metal is going to be huge this spring, due to the ridiculous price of silver, and I'm sure you'll create marvellous pieces with the bronze and brass embellishments. As usual!!

    And I also think we'll see a lift in design this spring, because the artists (we that is) will need to step out of our comfort zones and experiment a lot more. And that is awesome!

    2011 will be a good year. Despite the insane price of precious metals.

  2. Ha yes silver has gone up loads! I need to buy some more and was merrily filling my shopping cart until I noticed the price! I have some sheets of brass and copper that I have had for ages - I need to start playing with them.

    Happy new year :-)

  3. Love your positive way of thinking Anna-Karin! And Jo, looking forward to your experimenting!

  4. I can't wait to see more of your new creations! The preview looks fantastic already!:)


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