December 14, 2010

Deck the halls ...

Our tree is finally up!!
My collection of angels, snowmen etc are out

The stairs are lookiing festive
Charlie Cat sleeps through the lot

Elli works hard on the gingerbread house
she jumped into the final picture showing off her creation!

Christmas to me is family and friends ~ 
My family get together and laugh and talk and eat and yes some wine is consumed ~ 
but first the wrapping!!


  1. wow lovely to see your christmassy!!!! :0))))

  2. oooo fabulously Christmassy! 'specially LOVE the GB house ♥♥♥ ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  3. Lovely photos Jo! I especially like the Gingerbread House and Charlie's toes!!

  4. thanks for sharing - lovely to see everyone's decorations and preparation :) happy christmas to you and your family, Jo!

  5. Thank you Jo for sharing lovely, christmassy pictures of your home! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! *hugs*

  6. OMG, Elli is as pretty as her Mom!
    I also love the cool magical atmosphere of your top pics and Charlie's sprayed little toes!!!;D


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