February 10, 2011

A first ...

I made a cuff ~ my very first ~ it was one of those ideas that pops into my head when my head is comfy on my pillow and my weary body is supposed to be resting ..

It always happens when I am overtired ~ these little ideas pop into my head ~ grow and develop into something I am itching to make ~ if it wasn't for the fact I would have a very {very} grumpy husband I would contemplate getting up and go creating straight away!


This idea had to be made the very next day and although there were a couple of snags I hit ~ she's pretty much as I imagined she's be!

I've found a similar size Turquoise cabochon so I'm thinking I may have another go ...

But now the dilemma is to add the dark patina or leave her shiny

She's off to be hallmarked next week { if I get everything else finished in time) so maybe I will sleep on this one a bit more ;)


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  1. It is gorgeous, Jo. Stunning. And that lab is amazing. *drools*

    And I get those "hit-the-pillow-ideas" all the time too. Very annoying when you can't get up and play. LOL


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