February 22, 2011

Mermaids Purses

Laguna Agate
This is my newest range which I am utterly in love with ~ easy everyday pendants in lots of different stones with a gorgeous rustic look.  I've left the majority of these shiny but each and everyone can have that lovely dark patina (just like the aquamarine one) added.

 The Aquamarine one is a beautifully sage green ~ it was classed as Aquamarine with matrix and fits in perfectly with this range ~ I have a couple more of these although one needs to be a ring I think!
Finally the labradorite I have used is just exceptional ~ the flash is strong and the beauty of all my Mermaids Purses is they are backless which for these you can see the flash inside and out!!

I've already earmarked these sweet little stones for some Mermaids Purses!!



  1. Those are super sweet! Seeing all them lovely stones make my heart sing. I haven't touch metal in so long and I miss it!

  2. I never liked aquamarine, even though it's my birthstone, but looking at that..... I may have to reconsider.

  3. I love your "mermaid purses"...what a creative name for them and how gorgeous they are.


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