February 28, 2011

More hallmarking

I know I was supposed to show you these before they went away ...
Time and circumstances got in the way..
and I was trying to finish some pieces which are still on my desk~
I have now one turquoise bracelet to finish, a labradorite necklace,
a labradorite pendant, a laguna agate pendant, and a ton of earrings..
I'm trying I promise but in the meantime...
This is what just came back ~ so look out for the listings *coughs...

oh and some of these with brass and bronze have a slightly different hallmark ~ the silver hallmark + metal ~ looks great and lets the buyer know everything is tested here in the UK.



  1. wow what a gorgeous lot!
    There something about a big pile of yummy jewels that makes me knees weak!

  2. I don't understand this Hallmarking thingy. Just send them to me, woman!! Sheesh... how hard can it be??


    Gorgeous pile you've got there darling.

  3. I've only just stumbled across your site, well I came across the old one first and then found your new site lol. But I wanted to leave a comment to say that you're a very talented lady! Your creations are stunning and this pile of sparkly pieces are fab!

  4. Your work is SOOOO beautiful!!! I am loving all of your updates!! Colourful & full of uniqueness!! :)


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