March 30, 2011

Its a wet Wednesday so ....

I'm sitting here sipping my morning cup of coffee ~ its part of my routine once my daughter has gone to school , to sit and check my emails, look over etsy and read a few blogs.

Today looking back over some pictures I realised I hadn't shown you a commission I did over 5months at the end of last year.  It started with an email {they mostly do ;0) }~ the email was so lovely and heartfelt and I felt so honoured to be asked to do it.

It all started with this amber necklace ~ the email writer is one of three daughters and this beautiful amber necklace belong to her Mum ~ who sadly had now passed. The challenge was to make three necklaces for each of the three sisters ~ each the same but different...

and so ~ necklace one was born...

I included beautiful lampwork by Isabelle Anderson (one of my favourite glass artists) and had sterling silver leaves printed with amber cabochons set in the centre.

Necklace two again with lampwork beads by Isabelle Anderson but with Bali silver beads and my signature connectores of wire.
And necklace three with hammered beads and handcrafted hammered rings.

Each necklace was made so it could be adjusted to different lengths ~ wrapped around the wrist if wanted ~ versatile was something I wanted to recreate.

And like fate there were 6 amber beads left at the end so I made  a pair for each sister 

A commission I loved doing and the feedback was wonderful :D



  1. How absolutely awesome!!! They're all beautiful Jo!

  2. Jo,
    Beautiful jewelry and a beautiful, heartwarming story.

  3. They all look great. No wonder the lady was pleased with her commission.x

  4. Wow! You really gave new life to that necklace, I bet all three sisters were so pleased. What a fabulous story.
    Deb x

  5. Aww that made me want to cry! So sweet and beautiful, I can't imagine how the recipients felt when they saw their mother's necklace in their new forms.

  6. You gave three sisters a new memory of their mother. I can't think of anything more beautiful then that.

    Most wonderful post ever. :)

  7. What a beautiful set of necklaces you created!! And what a lovely meaningful commission you were given, obviously given to the right person!!

  8. A wonderful commission :) All pieces are wonderful Jo :)

  9. How wonderful! They will cherish all the pieces I'm sure xx


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