April 11, 2011

Custom Orders ..

Custom orders can take me away from my box 
~ they encourage me to grow!

Can you see this is fresh from the Tumbler!

This wonderful creation was born from my Plume of Feathers pendant ~ a pendant that sold rather quickly ~ and I came home to find a question in my inbox if I would remake her!

Now I always love to remake a fab design ~ but I also like to keep each piece unique to each customer ~ so with some changes here and there, and of course a stone that suited this customer perfectly ~ Birds of A Feather (renamed by the lovely lady herself)

Gorgeous Peruvian Blue Opals

She turned out beautifully and is now flying across the Atlantic to her new home!



  1. It looks gorgeous Jo and I m sure she will love it!

  2. Love love love love.... LOVE this new series... it is a series right? ;) Either way - it's perfection.

  3. Lol sort of AK I would like to make more :)) Thanks sweets x


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