April 13, 2011

A head full...

Wild Violets

Emerald Oak ~ SOLD

Fluttering Leaves ~ SOLD

From the Tree

Mystic Green~ SOLD
I can't seem to stop creating earrings ~ I have still another couple of pairs I haven't shown you and more to finish up ~ my head is buzzing with colours and shape!
Easter holidays are here and with it my schedule is all a mess ~ my daughter is home and yet I have more hours in my *other job.  My heart feels the pull of not only my Elli's time but that of the studio ~ sadly my *other job can't be ignored and until I settle to the routine I feel frustrated and fidgety Maybe earrings are my way of making and creating but in small bursts ~ I'm not sure that always follows either lol!!

So forgive me if I seem slack ~ in fact I'm being pulled in too many directions...



  1. Gorgeous designs, I love them all
    Deb x

  2. Yes, it's an earring kind of week isn't it! I've been making loads too :-) These are all gorgeous, Jo!

    I hate that feeling of being pulled in too many directions - it's rather frustrating! If it all gets too much, I find myself writing a list and prioritising...that always seems to help :-)


  3. Thanks Deb x

    B ~ I should do it and I usually wait until I am pulling my hair out lol before even thinking about it!!Thanks for stopping by x

  4. Jo, these are heavenly!!!!!

    I kind of want to eat the last pair...


  5. Lol is it the mint making you think of ice cream ~ thats what my nine year old thinks ;0)

    Thanks for stopping by Allison

  6. Gorgeous! And I hear you about being pulled in too many directions. It's so frustrating.

    I know I shouldn't say this, but I'm secretely happy that Sigrid got chicken pox. I'm sad for her of course - but it does give me some time to get things together. :)

  7. Stunning earrings - that's something I don't seem to make very many of for some reason. It really is so hard trying to balance everything, it's a real juggling act:)


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