April 18, 2011

Showing off...

It all started with a conversation between our two computors (well it was us typing but through the computors we were communicating lol).  An idea which led to this sketch which was the first part of the design ~ i'm not usually a sketcher  ~ the ideas tend to just flow from my head but when its a custom order I find by checking with the client that I got the most important aspect of the design right.

With much use of my trusty saw, file and torch I made up the base before a huge snag hit the studio of creating ~ the gems I ordered to go with her still hadn't arrived ~ it took 5 weeks before I could continue with the project.
And then they arrived and I could add the rest to the base, set stones and generally finish her up!
And here she is ~ Lost in the Lunar Eclipse

With some complimenting earrings ;0)

There's nothing like a commission to get your creative juices flowing ~ I always seem to move slightly out of my box with them and this I love!



  1. oh that is gorgeous! Love all the little pieces hanging down.

  2. All stunning, you have an awesome (& recognisable) style. Love your work !!

  3. How beautiful! So neat to get a peek into your design process, too :)

  4. Really gorgeous piece Jo. I have started to sketch a more recently - I find otherwise I faff a lot and waste metal time. I tend to sit for an hour with all my stones and sketch out a load of ideas :-) x


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