September 26, 2011

Leaves in the Making....

Yes I am a messy creative sort !!



  1. How fascinating to watch you work. You make it look so easy but I can tell it has come with lots and lots of experience. You have so many interesting tools too. I always wondered how you made your amazing leaves and I now I know!
    Thank you for sharing
    Kristin :)

  2. SOOO many questions.

    1. How did you become so fast with the saw? *giggle-snort*

    2. What kind of saw is that?

    3. You have a rolling mill. Can I have it?

    4. What is that awesome white rubber/plastic hammer and thingy thing you shaped the leaves with?

    5. Whatever it is - can I have it?

    6. What kind of tool is that you use with your drill? When you sanded/filed the edges.

    7. And... yes.... can I have it?

    And finally - WOW hunny. It looked so professional. I'm just in awe of everyone with a proper set-up. Makes my studio look like kindergarten.


    Ps. Can I have a leaves necklace for Christmas?? *huge grin*

  3. lmao you are funny!1

    ok here's my answers
    1) well I can super speed like a super hero..
    2) its a knew concept saw
    3) No
    4) Thats a Delrin nylon hammer and stake
    6)Its a abrasive cone
    7) that one yes as its finished *giggle

    Ps yes ;0) for a small fee...


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