September 27, 2011

Pin on!

Have you seen it??

That bright red shiny logo on the right??
I am obsessed..

no addicted, I think!
I have found so many wonderful things on Pinterest!!

So I'm going to have a new feature on here! 
These are my favourite pins this week!

Source: None via Jo on Pinterest

Source: via Jo on Pinterest

Source: via Jo on Pinterest

These are from my Inspiration board~ aren't they wonderful!!



  1. Hey Jo..just catching up on your blog! I love your's absolutely beautiful. I hope all is well..

  2. Oh I m addicted too! It s amazing how many wonderful things you can find there!!Love your picks dear :)

  3. Hiya Helene ~ hope all is ok with you xx

    Thanks Jenny I am so enjoying it ~ like scapbooking ;)

  4. That tree house is amazing! Never heard of pinterest before, going to have a look now!

  5. Beautiful picks...I love that tree house.

  6. I would love to have my studio in that treehouse ;)

  7. A friend told me about pinterest a while back & I lost hours discovering all sorts of pretties!! LOL
    Those would be on my inspiration board too :D

  8. Haven't ever looked at pinterest, but now you have sparked my to have a look now :P


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