October 17, 2011

Autumn Evenings

Yes I made it to 200 posts!!! *takes a bow!

Yesterday we knew the warm autumn days were about to end.
Ian took down Elli's trampoline ~ she wasn't amused but it was used so little and the amount of space it used up was huge!

We aren't so sure what to do with the space yet..
Me? I want a large decked area with fire pit and peace...

Ian wants chickens....

So would Charlie Cat....
(but for a whole different reason...)

Maybe a little veg garden would be a compromise~ who knows what we decide!



  1. Chickens, my friend, chickens..... Hens are awesome and you'll never have to buy eggs again.

  2. Grats on 200 posts!! I would prob go chickens too ... but oh a fire pit would be sooo awesome :P

  3. I eat a lot of eggs but I know who would be feeding, cleaning and shooing the cats away *rolls eyes!!


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