December 14, 2011

Offloading .....

Taken from my Pinterest, these words are so true..

I'm no writer ~ I find is hard to write about what I am feeling ~ sometimes though baring ones soul is good, right? 

Its been a hard few months for me design wise, I'm struggling with something ~ yes I have seen the dr....
Good days and bad days but still I keep going ..
I have medication which I don't know if it helps or hinders so I am going to wean myself off them AGAIN
{The dr is ok with this}

Last time is didn't help.
Nausea, fatigue, days when it feels every footstep is walking through jelly,
then, days when its like walking through treacle.

Days when the nausea is really bad...
Then good days when the world actually seems normal!!! 
Drs thought it was vertigo, now they aren't so sure..

Maybe they think its all my head.
I've been there before ... that time ended well ....luckily.

On top of that my lovely Nan of 89 years young took a fall.
She ended up in hospital ~ sent back to her home.
Then ended back in there after a missed diagnosis.
An operation on Saturday to mend her broken bone.
She strong my lovely Nannie... strong of body that is.

She has Vascular Dementia ~ so she is a shell of what she once was.
We see glimmers of the wonderful lady she was.
Tiny moments of her old self...
Dementia is so difficult and scares me so much.

So forgive me for being slow showing you new pieces...
I have work waiting in the wings ~ bits and pieces ready to be finished..
then Christmas is swiftly upon us and I have a ton of things to get done before my daughter finished school {Tomorrow!!!} 

I'm here though :} 
Just dancing in the Rain 



  1. Sending caring thoughts your way, my lovely!

  2. Darling - just breath.... relax... and dance through the rain. No need for apologies. No need for feeling guilty. The only thing you need to do, is to feel better. Everything else can wait. Luv you.

    Hugs dear.

  3. Thinking of you each day... <3

  4. ♥ love n hugs Jo ♥ we're all here to lean on ♥

  5. Oh Lovely, been there, done that, more times than I care to think about.
    Holding you close and hugging you tight.
    If you want a natter, you know how to get hold of me.

  6. i wear a copper bangle that has this quote... dementia IS scarey... my thoughts are with you and your dear nan... *hugs*

  7. I'm so sorry that you are going through such a difficult time darling. My heart aches for your nan, and my brain clouds with worry for you when I hear about your strange symptoms. I think the stars are in strange alignment for some of us at the moment..... hopefully they will straighten out in the new year, and our paths will take an easier course. If you need to chat I am always here......xoxox

  8. Thank you so much everyone ~ so lovely to know you are all out there rooting for my Nan and me ~ much love ♥

  9. I will be so glad when this year is has brought nothing but sadness and sickness for so many people. I hope you are able to work through whatever is going on and you come out on the other side much stronger...hang in there. All the best to your Nan!


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