January 11, 2012

Pin On!

I've been changing some of my boards on Pinterest 
Moving them around and actually adding colour boards.

{For those of you who haven't heard of  Pinterest~ its like vitual scrapbooking in a way,
You add your favourite picture, recipes etc and add them to you BIG pinboard.  Its highly addictive but great fun}
Today I'm having a RED day ~ enjoy!

Source: google.com via Jo on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Jo on Pinterest

Source: Uploaded by user via Jo on Pinterest

Ahhh stunning reds! 



  1. Red being my favorite color, these pictures are fabulous.

  2. Love your red day. I love red. I've tried to register for a Pinterest account via Etsy's new affiliation... I get a page telling me there was a problem and there's a link to "try again". Same result after three days. Probably trying to tell me something. For now then, I'll admire the pinnings of others, such as yours, and admire happily from afar. ♥s

  3. Susan, if you would like, let me have you email and I will invite you:)


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