March 19, 2012

Roman elegance

If you follow my work, you may have seen some of my latest earrings,

no not just the Gladiatrix earrings..
 there is a couple of pairs that have been seen sporting names,
beautiful, Roman in origin, names!

I've been rather taken with the series Spartacus and am on the third series now.

It quite bloodthirsty but the jewellery is fabulous and I'm always waiting for some fantastic piece to stir the inspiration in my muse!!

Claudia ~ SOLD

Iona~ SOLD
There is another pair on her way ~ and a couple pairs of stones ready 

They sit beautifully in the ear ~ with a lovely swing, gentle and elegant.

I hope you like them

Both gone to new homes now but I will be making more
~Thank you so much ~



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