March 13, 2012


I had a scan last week ~ ongoing issues. 
 A referral is needed ~ and as expected I have cysts on my ovaries. 
 My husband is relieved " we know what we are dealing with" 
I'm relieved I know what I am dealing with BUT... 

 I'm also a little scared.. back on to consultants waiting lists. 
{But yes the Pelvic Pain etc is explained}

On a brighter Note ~

My hallmarking came back and the listing begins ~

and the new project start ~♥

Medallion with Amber

Medallion with Chalcedony
 My daughter Elli who I am rather proud of spent the day at the UDO championships, 
covering the South West of England.
An amazing day ~ although we are all exhausted (and I wasn't even dancing!!) 

Their crew danced and were fabulous.
Then came the solo's 
Elli got through to the Semi final.
Then came the Duos
Elli and her friend Aoife danced their routine (choreographed by themselves) 
Semi final
and came 4th 
We were so proud ~ for their first competition they held their own!!

Speak soon 



  1. Love the new necklace designs, Jo! (and congrats to Elli on her dance competition.)

    I hope that the specialists will be able to help with the pain you've been experiencing lately--sending healing thoughts. xoxo

  2. gorgeous necklaces, jo, and congrats to the girls :)
    hope they can sort your problems out soon... i suffered with endometriosis for a decade from 19, so my thoughts are with you *big hug* tske care xxx

  3. I love the necklaces Jo. Hope you can get your problem taken care of soon and you will be pain free. Big congrats to the girls...well done!


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