March 06, 2012


A new line for me this Spring is my Gladiatrix earrings.

Gladiatrix is one name for women Gladiators ~ not something you would expect I suppose, with such violence.

From depictions it appears they fought bare-chested and rarely wore helmets, no matter what type of gladiator they fought as. Women apparently fought at night, and the fact that this coincided with the main events of a Games indicates the possible importance or rarity of female gladiators. Most modern scholars consider female gladiators a novelty act due to the sparse writings about them, but writer Amy Zoll notes that the fact that those ancient historians that do mention them do so casually may suggest that they were "more widespread than direct evidence might otherwise indicate."[5] The author of an inscription found in Pompeii boasts of being the first editor (promoter or sponsor) to bring female gladiators to the town.  From Wikipedia

  These earrings have a ancient look to them and are supposed to depict the shield  used to protect the woman ~ reticulated and battered to show the strength of the fight ~ these earrings are like a shield of armour that has been through a Gladiator fight or two.

Gladiatrix II ~ with Green Adventurine

Gladiatrix III ~ Brass and Silver

Gladiatrix IV  ~ Brass and sterling silver with Turquoise

Gladiatrix I ~ SOLD
I have so many ideas for these ~ I hope you like them as much as I do :)

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  1. gorgeous! I LOVE is just perfect for them, so gladiatorial :o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. female gladiators! Now that would be something to see. I love the idea of wearing a shield. Negative energy can just bounce right off them!

  3. Beautiful work! Love the distressed, rustic look and the name Gladiatrix fits them really well! xx

  4. I love your new line! Really nice!


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