May 04, 2012


This week hasn't been great
I really don't want to come on here and moan to you all~ promise

Sometimes life throws a little too much my way and I struggle
I suppose thats just how everyone feels
My operation for this mass I have sitting on my ovaries was scheduled for May 14th
I reorganised my life around it.
Moved appointments
Sorted childcare
Took a weeks holiday to rest and recuperate from my other job
(the one that doesn't have me make pretty things)
and then Tuesday I went down with a temperature
aching limbs, sore skin and a throat, swollen and sore.
Wednesday I lay on the sofa ~ not all day I did try to potter around 
in between the flaking on the sofa.
And through my letter box came a letter ~ POSTPONING MY OP!!
I wasn't very pleased ~ I think not feeling great didn't help
and I know its only by a week, but URGH ~ I had to ring everyone up and rearrange everything again!

I just want this thing out now :( 
I'm lethargic, bloated (although comfort eating probably isn't helping) 
have pelvic pain, headaches etc.

The only time I can escape is through my studio working, piercing, filing and soldering
I haven't really done much of that this week either.

Oh well onto next week ~ think really I need some warm sun ~ the weather in the UK is basically more like January ~ I know my friends in Scandinavia are enjoying my summer ;)

This is what I was working on ~ a Poker chip keyring.

I promise to be more my cheery self next week .....



  1. Hope you are feeling better soon xxx

  2. that's a real bummer. I hope once the op goes ahead you make a quick recovery. xx

    1. I've got my fingers crossed and am ready for a new start ;) thanks x

  3. Hope you feel better soon love! And you have every right to feel down once in a while :)

  4. i'm sooo sorry, jo!! the NHS, eh? they don't think people have lives to organize... i hope you feel better soon and that you're able to reorgainze work and kids around the new date... thinking of you xx

    1. Thanks Claire ~ all reorganized Just waiting now :) xxx

  5. Hi Jo
    That's just pants! But you will feel better once it's done. And hey, what's the point in having a blog if you can't share your feelings - good or bad. Sometimes it's good to get it off your chest. As they say in German - keep your ears stiff! Funny saying, but it always makes me smile.
    Sending you sunny vibes

    1. Thanks Vicky ~ lol ears stiff and chin up as we say here (Or even the Great British stiff upper lip ;) ) thank you for stopping by x

  6. Warm thoughts from (cold and rainy) London, I hope you feel better soon! x

  7. It takes so much to psych yourself up for surgery and then to get sick and then to have it postponed...bummer. Here's good wishes for you to feel better and the operation to be completely successful.

  8. Sending hugs lil sis.... and love, love, love that poker chip!


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