May 11, 2012


I would really like to start supplying shops and galleries 
Wholesale would be perfect ~ where stock is bought up front, 
rather than sale or return ~ which is where you stock the shop for free but they take a commission with each sale ~ down side is sometimes your pieces can sit gathering dust.

Locally now I have my work in a beautiful little gallery and coffee shop in Probus,
a small village on the way to Truro.
I like it in there ~ it felt homely and suited my work perfectly
{and the owner is a sweetheart}

I also had visited with another lovely gallery in Polkerris
filled with sea inspired pieces of art ~ I could have bought half the stock in there for my house!!
Luckily the manager loved my work and I am busy creating some pieces exclusively for there.
Its a new gallery so I can't give you a link yet but maybe when I get some work in there I can update you all.

So thinking along the lines of seeing galleries I like and maybe would like to have my work shown there~ 
I purchased a little book of my work ~ easy to carry in my bag on the off chance...

I'm really pleased with the finish 
as my work is ever evolving I can see me having a bookcase full ;) 



  1. Love that little book! Such a clever idea I just "might" have to steal it. Hehehe....

  2. Congrats on the 2nd gallery!!
    What a brilliant idea Jo! The book looks pretty enough to want on your bookshelf regardless...heehe xxx

  3. Congrats on the new venues, Jo! That little book is a wonderful idea--and it really turned out nicely!

  4. What a great idea! I wonder how you did that, did you lay out the book yourself or go through a company online? I would love to have such a nice "portfolio" :) And make a new one every year, have a treasury of what I've made....lovely!

  5. What a great idea! So much more convenient than carrying your jewelry all over everywhere.

  6. Such a nice little idea and easier to carry around than a portfolio or a set of photps

  7. Lovely idea, but howww did you do it?!

  8. Hey everyone ~ thank you so much for your comments on my little book ~ for those of you who asked I got it set up at Snapfish ~ came quickly too :) But I want to see yours too ;) x

  9. That book is a brilliant idea!


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