May 16, 2012

LIke a Packhorse...

I've been working like one ~ yes a packhorse,
the thought of not being able to get into the studio next week after my op,
and trying to get my new bundle together for hallmarking.

You see, I need at least ten items, I like between 10 and 15 really to make it worth sending.
It takes approx a week to come back to me (mostly quicker luckily) so you see sometimes you will see a picture of a piece that doesn't appear for about a month ~ thats why ~ its sitting waiting for the hallmark bundle to be ready!!

This was this months bundle ~ all back and slowly being photographed and listings being written up. 

A couple of the bangles are off to the gallery but I am wondering if I should list them too 
~ made to order maybe??

Hopefully it won't be too long before I can show you the next bundle
so far ~ well there is a labradorite bracelet, malachite, green onyx and ceramic charm pendant, and a leaf with labradorite, flourite and Iolite ~ which reminds me of storm colours. 

Speak soon 


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  1. You have been working hard!
    Hope everything goes well for you in hospital<3


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