May 25, 2012

Mending in Cannes

 Hah ~ I wish or do I?
Its bad enough looking out at the beautiful weather we are having at the moment and not being able to enjoy it to the max ~ so being in Cannes honestly would be a waste!! 

My op wasn't to plan ~ they couldn't remove the mass (it was tucked under a ton of adhesions behind my uterus on my ovary ~ with me so far?) so I have to see another specialist in June :/

I have to say I am humbled by the amount of well wishes I've had from customers, friends from all over the world  ~ you all helped me so much ~ and I love you all

(just wanted you to know that!!)

Anyway back to Cannes ~ This week on Etsy's Best Kept Secrets we are choosing actresses we'd like to see wearing our jewellery. Wouldn't it be fantastic to think these famous ladies would choose handmade over the bling that is normally worn......

Here's my contribution ~ 

Want to see some of the other actresses we've chosen ~ 



  1. hope you are back on top soon Jo xxx

  2. Hope the next specialist can help. You absolutely nailed the pairing of your necklace with the actress...well done!

  3. Love your choices Jo. Wishing you well.


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