June 01, 2012

I wish, I might...

I manage to get back into the studio for an hour
(or how ever long my body and mind will let me~
I think my body will give up first though ;) )
 I did list this one the other day 

I've been signed off week for another fortnight ~
not sure how I feel :/
When I feel good I feel normal (well like my old self) 
but when I have pain, I feel lousy.

I get tired easily and Dr reminded me the whole reason for going in for the operation
was to have something removed that wasn't ~ so hopefully the sun will shine and I can relax ready for my next appointment.

I have to say I have been overwhelmed with the messages of support from everyone via etsy, facebook and email ~ its like having someone holding your hand virtually ;) 

Thank you so much from all of my heart 


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