July 12, 2012

A little award ♥

 The lovely Tania of Moonflygirl (a wonderfully talented silversmith herself) awarded me the Kreativ Blogger Award ~ *blush!! Check out Tania's blog ~ :)

So the rules are that I have to link back to the person who awarded me, pass this award on to 10 other blogs that I enjoy reading, and also reveal 7 facts about myself. Since it's very late at night, I may well reveal too much!
  1. I love reading and once my head is in a good book I am lost.
  2. I work part time in a Cinema ~ but hardly ever get to see any films!
  3. I don't like pears ~ I want to but the texture ...*shudder ~ its like cats tongue
  4. My husband is my best friend ♥ and we've been married 13 years :)
  5. I really don't think my lovely daughter gets her dancing skills from me...
  6. I have a special place in my heart for Italy ~ and would love to go back with our daughter soon,
  7. In the winter I live in jeans, in the summer I live in dresses ;)
Now its your turn
In no particular order ~
Black Daisy Designs -  A lovely, albeit a little mad ;) silversmith from Sweden who has over the years become a good friend.  She amazingly talented and originally I got to know her through wire wrapping.  She has chickens, a made bunny and busy busy life and I love reading about it!

Silverlines jewelry - Jenny is another silversmith I am proud to call a friend ~ she lives in beautiful Greece and her bright and vibrant beadwork compliments perfectly her rustic metalwork.  She's a dab hand at Etsy's treasuries too ;)
Belinda Saville  - Beautiful B is from Australia, mum of two equally beautiful children, her work is just precious ~ she doesn't blog that much but you can see her great photographs (and maybe she'll blog some more ;) )
Julia Guthrie  - another Cornwall living artist one day I hope to meet up with ~ Julia's artwork sings of medieval and ethereal women, and when she isn't painting or sketching, you'll find her collecting driftwood (she makes fabulous art from it) or baking or storytelling ...*sigh soooooo talented (and lovely too)
Brandigirlblog - Brandi is someone who has moved on from her vibrant jewellery she used to make but now is a constant inspiration of colour and tip sharing, etc ~ she's a must for everyone's blog roll I can tell you!

Laura lee designs - Laura is another Cornish girl ~ wonderful handpainted ceramics and crafts ~ perfect for gift giving, so hold on to your seats when you peruse this blog!!

Edera Jewelry - This amazing US designer makes the most fabulous crocheted jewellery ~ you just have to see. Not just for wedding but you can imagine how beautiful any bride wearing Ivy's fabulous creations would look!!

City rustic Jewelry - Tana is a wonderful inspirational lady ~ her work with that rustic edge just sings to me ~ and I love seeing what she is getting up too ~ we both have a love of leaves as you will notice ;) 

MsBelle - Ginger is another friend who takes the most wonderful photographs ~ totally inspirational and on top of that her gemstone creations are sleek and elegant and a joy to look at ;)

Luxe design Workshop - Peg Blackley who creations are just divine ~ check out her latest bee pieces ~ honestly that woman can saw!!

That was so hard I think I deserve a coffee ;) (hard that I didnt want to miss anyone out !) 



  1. congrats on the award! lovely blog, and thanks for the follow!

  2. Thank you and always great to find new friends via the blogging world :) x

  3. Jo, what a sweet post! Congrats on the award, and thank you for thinking of me for it :) xoxo

  4. I loved looking at your chosen blogs!


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