July 11, 2012

And I'm Still Waiting!!

I'm still waiting for my hallmarking to arrive back :( 
The assay office are apparently inudated and because I don't pay for next day my parcel kept being pushed to the back of the queue  ~ so huge apologises for anyone waiting to see the new pieces.

One good thing is I am already starting on the new batch ;) 

I have been working on some earrings which I will show you while we wait impatiently for the parcel to arrive!!

Causeway with Boulder Opal ring

Button Down with Turquoise

Gladiator commission

Gladiator with Citrine

Pool of Thought

Tornado Commission

Shake your tail feather with Chalcedony
So a busy month with earrings :)

The pieces linked are in the shop ~ those that are not will be ~ unless they are a commission ;) 

Speak soon 



  1. Hi Jo, I have awarded you a Kreativ Blogger award, on my blog. Have a wonderful day! XTania

  2. Thanks Tania ~ I'll do that tomorrow xx

  3. You've been a busy bunny! How're you feeling these days? ♥

  4. I'm good Em ~ back to the *normal* pain I had before my first op ~ so functioning well ~ thank goodness ;)

  5. Just found you through Tania's blog ... WOW lovely work!

  6. Everything is lovely, Jo- the work itself and the names you give each piece. I hope all is well. And may I please have your hair? Thanks. <3

    1. Lovely Jess you so do not want my hair ~ it would frizz terribly in the humid conditions ~ here in the UK we just seem to be having a rainy season (no summer at all) and my hair will not stay straight at all ;0) But thank you ♥

  7. Very pretty Jo!

  8. I'm loving the "shake your tail feather" Jo - love chalcedony x


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