May 30, 2013

Looks hard at calender*

Honestly where has May gone??

I've looked everywhere!
I know the weather has been more March than May but really,
I've lost the whole month!!!

I have been busy working on a new collection ~
Pieces inspired by the beach, ocean etc

Its coming on a treat and I am a little excited about it.

 This little collection is called Cortex

and they sit so prettily in the ears.

Some of the earwires are fixed and others aren't.

What do you think??


April 29, 2013


Life's a journey 

With Mountains so high
and valleys so low

Sometimes the trek seems too tough 
the terrain is hard going

Other days the sky is sunny 
and the view so spectacular    
life seems a breeze.

 But we are moving freely like a feather,

 Journey Onwards embracing every moment

 My new range is inspired by Feathers,
and the Journey

My new great feeling of health has been my muse I think!
I feel like a new chapter has begun in my life,
and I know I am not the only one!

Many of these pieces are already listed in my Etsy shop

So take a look (and if you want anything reserving please just send me message)

Thanks for reading


April 16, 2013

Giveaway TIme!!

Its HERE!!

The chance to win a special handcrafted necklace featuring :~
Labradorite and Moonstone

"A piece of the Sky for You"

and a second chance to win

Gives you the choice between a Gothic ring (Your choice of stone) 


A Fleur Pendant ( with your choice of stone) 

Now the competition is going on here ~ 

or more importantly here ~

But for those of you NOT on facebook  this is what you have to do 

for 1 x entry like my blog

1 x Share my blog Giveaway ( or facebook giveaway ) on twitter or through your blog

1 x entry ~ tell me below what is your favourite piece of jewellery in my shop

I'll then add you to the giveaway :) 

(Of course easier if you are a facebooker ;))

You don't have to do everything above just one or two will get you an entry :) 

Thanks for taking part!!


April 13, 2013


What am I talking about, I hear you asked??

Well facebook fans of course!!!

I said I would be doing a giveaway ~ and I will be!

I'm working on thanking everyone for their support,

and decided to create a necklace, inspired by the night sky.

The chain length will be chosen by the winner..

Its a work in progress ~ labradorite and moonstone of course!!

This will be for the first name chosen out of the hat

But because giving just one giveaway is so hard a second name will be given a choice of 

A Fleur pendant 
a gothic ring.

I hope you will take part (I will include blog entries as well as fb entries) 

Without you all I wouldn't be able to do this ;) 


March 26, 2013

New online venue

I've opened a new online venue ~ which reminds me of a shopping mall based in Cornwall.

There are some great quality work on there ~ (including my own of course!!) 

I haven't listed all my stock on there but I'm adding something all the time :) 

Take a look anyway isn't just about shopping ~ there is Restaurants, holiday lets, jobs, things to do, entertainment ~ in fact a great place to look if you are coming to Cornwall ;) 


March 24, 2013

Knocked off my feet

I've had this horrible virus this week,
 sore throat, cough and cold 
so my work as slowed to a full stop :/

I did manage to finish some pieces previously
 that I've been working on for a while. 

Other ideas I need to start on including an amazing custom order.

But this is one I'm thrilled with....

This is something I have been working on

 Totally inspired by the sea creatures ~ the centre stone is actually an amazing cabochon by the lampwork artisan Julie Fountain of Lush Lampwork

 She's nearly finished but I wanted to show you anyway ... patience is never a trait I can say is mine!! 

The chunky chain is handmade until it attaches to the rolo chain which adds to the piece. 

I have a couple more pieces to show next week.


March 07, 2013

New work coming soon!

I've been pretty busy in the studio 

lots of earrings 

and I've finally got around to sending a batch to the Assay Office for hallmarking!!

Nine necklaces
one ring
bangle :)

Hopefully they won't be too long to come back!