January 26, 2009

Charmed I'm sure

A little of Everything ~ Love theme
At the moment I am having so much fun playing with these charm pendants, simple, dainty yet very effective on ~ they can be of many different themes and colours so not only making a fabulous gift but also something for yourself. Of course the one above is a more Valentine theme with rubies and a hammered heart but it also incorporates July's birthstone ;)

A Little of Everything ~ Beach Theme {SOLD}

Yesterday was such a beautiful day ~ until the evening when it started to rain ~ looking out of my kitchen window , the blue sky and sun shining across the houses really made me think of spring and (hopefully) the warm sun we are so due. As any of my readers and friends know I am very influenced by my surrondings ~ especially the sea (pendant above) and I'm sure you are going to start seeing more blue pieces appearing as the weeks go on.

Commission piece ~ Amethyst
The pendant above and below were commission pieces which I really enjoyed making a creating ~ February being the month of the birthstone Amethyst I can see another one being made up. The one below is a most gorgeous Blue Topaz nugget that just wanted to be paired with the richness of the citrine ~ don't you agree a perfect pairing?

~Commission piece ~


  1. I'm Charmed by them for sure!!!!!

  2. I don't see how any of them can be resisted! Lovely!

  3. very pretty! I especially love the beach-themed necklace.


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