January 28, 2009

Love those Bunnies

I treated myself this Christmas to a sock bunny ~ yes this is a picture of my new sock bunny Bertie ~ now many of you will have heard of sock monkeys, well the new trend is sock Bunny's ~ made with a single sock and grown to the highest bunny standards, these bunnies come highly trained in surveliance and looking cute. Now I can hear you all asking "where can I get one" ~ well Anna of The Warren, takes all this very seriously and even issues each bunny with sleeping bag, a carrot and passport and a bunny badge and likes to know how her bunny's are settling in. You can send in your pics and check out on the map where the other bunny's are living!!

Bertie ~ my bunny ~ took no time at all to settle in with the family, here he is with his new best friend Charlie ~ of course its early days and Bertie still likes to be supervised when playing with his new friend especially as Charlie likes to chew anything soft and squidgy (we have a hospital with many one arm or legged teddies :( )

And of course Bertie is an avid Twitter reader ~ you will often find him reading what other people are up too ~ maybe looking out on news on his bunny brothers and sisters!!

Want a bunny for yourself, or a member of your family check out Anna's shop


  1. LOVE the photo of Bertie and Charlie! Just brilliant :)

  2. It is indeed bunny madness! in fact, right how, I am creating some more which will be in the shop soon!

  3. Aah! So cute. Love the bunnies.

  4. Bertie is so cute - he made me smile. I think my BF would go nuts if I bought another 'piece of old jumper' (his words not mine I hasten to add!), he was none too impressed with the pirate sweater kitty I got from Fluffy Flowers last year, tee hee. (he says this but it didn't stop him from buying me a crazy knitted animal for Christmas ;0)

  5. Bertie looked so cute that I have just offered to give loving homes to two bunnies - one with my son and one with his friend whose birthday it is next week - thanks for letting us about the warren.

  6. Ohhh how cool Veryan can't wait to see which ones you have got :))

    They are so cute you won't be disappointed

    We need to persuade Ali she does need a bunny ;0)

  7. OMG Bertie is amazing. I have to keep this from Eve's eyes. She was born in the year of the Rabbit and her bed can no longer be seen because of the blanket of bunnies (and other oddities) spread across it.



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