January 23, 2009

The Great Folksy Blog Circle

As you know I like to promote other talented people on my blog ~ today with the "Great Folksy Blog Circle" I am showing the talented Nic Lucas or Nicsknots as her fab shop is called ~ she says ~ " Nicsknots is a little haven for people who like bags. So many bags, so little time......" which is a fab quote for someone like me who loves bags of any shape of size!!
Not only does Nic have the wonderful pouch (at the top) in various pattern fabrics but also this wonderful pencil roll ~ how great would this have been (Before my daughter decided to take her ds lite everywhere with her) to take out with us ~ we were always loosing pencils at the bottom of my bag!!

I love this skull bag ~ how many boys would just adore to carry their cars etc around in this!! Of course a lot of bags are made for knitting needles and wool but of course not being a knitter I am seeing outside the box :D They are beautifully made and make ideal presents don't you think?

Find NicKnots @

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  1. Thank you for the post :) My non-knitting friends are always thinking of other fab ideas for my bags, my keywords list gets longer ;)


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