January 21, 2009

Setting an Example

See my nice little play on words here!! Over the weekend I had a little play ~ in between working and everything else that goes on over the weekend ~ thank goodness for my patient husband and daughter!! Ever since I first started creating jewellery I haveplayed around with sea glass ~ drilling and wrapping but I really wanted to set it in sterling silver ~ finally I (with a little encouragement from my friend (Clare of Stone Design) I actually had a go.

Each piece I played around with a little more ~ this one (ABOVE) is actually one that went wrong! I oxidised it and the LOS got underneath the glass and while it was wet I actually thought I had completely ruined it ~ but although not perfect is perfectly wearable ~ must remember to oxidise before setting glass next time ;)

Finally this one I am happier with but oh so many pebbles of silver did I melt and solder ~ it was a fight come the end to get them to stay!! BUt I love the organic nature of them all ~ the top pne I actually gave to my friends Mum ~ who used to collect sea glass for me and leave me bags on my doorstep ~ so today I have a big plastic box full of all different shapes and sizes ~ so watch out you'll probably see more arriving ~ hopefully rings too :)


  1. These are fab Jo - I love the pebbles on the last one, these are gorgeous settings for your sea glass! I've been reading a lot about granulation just lately... must get round to having a go at it.
    Maz :)

  2. Fantastic Jo!! You clever girl, you! :)

  3. Could I come to you for a lesson Mrs clever person?


  4. Your newest creations are just gorgeous Jo! I love your use of sea glass - stunning!


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