September 04, 2009

Getting there

Embers ~ Available

Well we are back to school and last night was my last shift of the summer rota ~ that means I am back to my normal weekend and wednesday shift. That is good news creativity wise as it means I am not so tied. Designing and creating while my head is in work mode has been difficult ~ although I have to say some of my favourite designs have been made this summer. I suppose what I mean is they haven't flowed out of me in the same way they normally do. Usually once my muse is on a roll I churn out lots of ideas ~ this summer it has always been when I am at work I get an idea which for someone like me who prefers to create straight from my head rather than sketching the design (I do occassionally sketch but it doesn't always work as well) the moment sometimes passes before I can get home.

Pitted ~SOLD but more on the way

Now back to commissions



  1. Your new earrings are gorgeous Jo!

  2. I so know what you meant, Jo. About creating straight from the head rather than sketching it all down...wish I have my tools and supplies while at ;)


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