September 07, 2009

Little glimpse of an Indian Summer

WE had a warm and dry day yesterday and decided the only way to actually spend time together was to be out of the house! Sounds strange but if we are in I end up in my workshop ~ I can't help it the pull is just too great and as I have commissions to start and finish, you can imagine the pull is even greater!

Is was blowing a bit but great kite flying weather and E and Elli had so much fun! But would you believe by the time we decided to go home the sky was grey and thick with rain and I actually was cold! Oh well we had a lovely day and now I am frantically playing catch up!



  1. looks like a lovely beach :0)
    We've actually seen a bit of sun here for a change in Scotland today-yeah!

  2. Hmmm wish I could of been there with you - makes me homesick :(

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love the beach, wish I could live there. :)

  4. Gorgeous! Lucky you!! I miss living near the sea.


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