November 01, 2010

Show me the way to go home ..

When my sisters and I were small ~ all sitting in the back of my Dads Ford Cortina ~ no seatbelts (and probably fighting for space as only three siblings can !) My Mum used to sing to us to break up the car journey ~ of course no gizmo's like nintendo or xbox or psp's were even around then!  One of my favourites was "Show me the way to go home" we would all sing along and listening to my Mums soothing voice would always inject calm over the car.

Of course ~ this pendant isn't named after the song but it was inspired by it ~ I wonder if my daughter will have such memories ~ she's usually got her head in her dslite .....

This one will be added to the shop later this week...



  1. '.....I'm tired and I wanna go to bed. I had a little drink about an hour ago, and its gone right to my head!!!!!'

    We could have had the same childhood! There were three of us as well!

  2. And three of us.... although... my two sisters are much older than me. Didn't stop us from fighting though.

    LOVE the necklace. Gorgeous.

  3. LOL - I remember being sung this too :) We were always singing in the car. There were three of us too.... I was the big sister getting set upon by a little brother and sister. And I remember having no seatbelts.

  4. Three of us too, all arguing over who should sit in the middle.

  5. LOL... my dad had a Ford Cortina when my sister and I were small, and at the time we didn't need to wear seatbelts :P Didn't sing though... I think we just snoozed!

  6. LOL, we were three of us too. No singing though, lots of barfing as my Dad used to smoke in the car! The trips felt endless!:O

  7. Oh yes, sisters, sisters :)
    Love this necklace!

  8. What a wonderful insite into who Jo is! This was so touching and inspirational!


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