April 13, 2013


What am I talking about, I hear you asked??

Well facebook fans of course!!!

I said I would be doing a giveaway ~ and I will be!

I'm working on thanking everyone for their support,

and decided to create a necklace, inspired by the night sky.

The chain length will be chosen by the winner..

Its a work in progress ~ labradorite and moonstone of course!!

This will be for the first name chosen out of the hat

But because giving just one giveaway is so hard a second name will be given a choice of 

A Fleur pendant 
a gothic ring.

I hope you will take part (I will include blog entries as well as fb entries) 

Without you all I wouldn't be able to do this ;) 



  1. That looks like it will be amazing, sounds like perfect stone choices as well.

  2. *bats eyelashes* Oohhhh..... *pops up chair and gets popcorn* Nope... I'm not moving until it's time to enter. :D

  3. Looking forward to this - I wear your jewellery every day. Karen xx


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