December 19, 2012


I had good reason for staying away....

I didn't want to come across ~ sad, self pitying and low..

I didn't want anymore people saying get over yourself 

You see waiting a long time for an operation tells people it can't be anything serious,
it can't be an emergency, so can't be all that bad, but I've been in pain nearly everyday, struggling to cope with day to day running..... my poor family have had a lot to put up with ..and so I neglected the one place I knew I would off load on ... I did it for you ... maybe I was wrong maybe I was right *shrugs

My operation is 3 weeks away now..

I'm terrified ....

These have been a long 7 months of being in limbo I can tell you.

I may be gone a while but I hope to be back in fighting form...

I have saved and created pieces especially for that time when I won't be around 

I don't want you all to forget me ...



  1. Oh, come here you silly bugger....
    ((Squeezy Hugs))

  2. Wishing you a joyous Holiday Season and a successful surgery and recovery! May you exceed all of the expectations!

  3. Best wishes Jo, I hope the operation is a success and you will have a pain-free and healthy 2013 xx


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